Monday, October 10, 2011

Writing Assignment Final Draft

The final draft of your writing assignment will be graded for English usage and grammar. The details can be found here. We will review and practice the rules during the writing workshop. However, students need to review and practice them before class. To do this, download The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Then, read and practice the following pages:

Grammar, Finding Subjects and Verbs p1
Grammar, Subject Verb Agreement p2-5
Grammar, Pronouns p6-7
Grammar, Problems with Prepositions p13
Punctuation, Periods p52
Punctuation, Commas p54-57
Capitalization, Capatalization Rule 1-6, P70-71

Find Subjects and Verbs Quiz 1, p78
Subject verb Agreement Quiz 1, p79
Pronouns Quiz 1, p81
Problems with Prepositions Quiz 1, p87
Commas Quiz 1, p102
Capitalization Quiz 1, p111

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